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BeDiligent, Inc. offers the following services to its corporate clients.

    Pre-transaction Due Diligence

Due diligence provides answers to specific questions about an acquisition target or a potential partner in a joint venture: questions about the target's business model, its competitive advantages, the quality of top management, hidden problems, and other specific issues. Due diligence also ensures compliance with US or OECD anti-corruption rules, and with best practice in matters of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

     Political Analysis

Political analysis is absolutely necessary when contemplating an acquisition, a joint venture or an investment in Eastern Europe or the Former Soviet Union. Public authorities are "business partners" in the region and the political context at the local, regional and national level can determine whether a project will be successful. Political analysis will provide the client with a clear answer to the question: "Whom do we lobby and why?"

     Public Affairs and Business Development

Coordination of public affairs and business development campaigns for its clients has become a natural extension of the firm's due diligence and political analysis practice. Because of the firm's very extensive connections to political and business insiders and experts in some parts of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, BeDiligent, Inc. can identify, retain and supervise the best lobbyists for the client's specific needs in dealing with public officials or to exploring business opportunities.

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