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BeDiligent, Inc.'s methodology is to multiply the number of sources during a study to ensure that information is obtained from several relevant perspectives and can therefore be verified. The verification of each additional piece of information is at the core of the investigative methodology employed by the firm for both due diligence and political analysis.

The firm will always provide the context surrounding the primary findings of an investigation. Such context adds depth to the specific information gathered, and provides the client with a more comprehensive evaluation of the specific subject.

The firm strongly believes that high-grade information is generally available only by face-to-face interviews. This is the cornerstone of the firm's primary methodology:

Immerse in the client's quandry and determine what type of information would solve the client's problem;

Identify the best sources for that precise type of information;

Approach these sources and obtain the information being sought or, alternatively, the names of one or several other sources;

Multiply the sources in order to verify each source against the others;

Determine which sources are most knowledgeable, credible and open - pursue the investigation with those sources;

Contact diverse sources so as to glean information from a variety of different perspectives, thus ensuring a "three-dimensional" profile of the subject of the investigation.
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